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About Us

Welcome to AssureTech. As President and CEO, I would like to inform you about our company and the ideals for which we stand. At AssureTech, there are four key principles or strengths that we define ourselves by. These are the things that make us special - the foundation upon which our business relationships are based.

First, our Mission Statement: AssureTech's mission can be summed up in three words – Assuring Business Success. Founded in 2005, our company has strived to implement this mission statement with each of our valued clients by providing them with a logical and proactive management of their IT business network.  

Secondly, we place customer service as a high priority!  Our goal is to have the client believe that they are our only client, regardless of their size or their investment.

We also actively strive to remain knowledgeable and implement new and innovative solutions in IT and Electric Services that add value to our customers assets.
Still another key strength which we are proud of is our INTEGRITY. AssureTech strives to present an HONEST and straight forward approach with our customers and our staff. This means more to us than dollars and cents. Integrity is a byword of how we do business.

Put all these attributes together, and they explain how we have achieved our greatest strength of all - the relationship we have with our customers. Recognizing that every customer has its own unique market position and strategies, we work hard to understand and meet those special needs - one customer at a time. 

Kevin E. Wortham
Founder, AssureTech, LLC

Our Mission

AssureTech is committed to providing an intelligent comprehensive solution that meets the unique requirements of our customer. Complete total customer satisfaction is our number one priority, assuring support before, during, and after the project. Our mission is to be the most trusted name in the industry, delivering quality service, building lasting relationships, and holding ourselves accountable. We aspire to create a future that reflects a passion for what we do.

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